Monday, April 12, 2010

Enjoy It While It Lasts!

Our magnolia tree is in full bloom, or maybe I should say WAS in full bloom. Even now it is starting to fade with the heat. I truly love the deep mauve and cream blooms.

Two (or was it three?) springs ago it bloomed so profusely that it looked as though it had been transported here from Fairyland. It was an umbrella of blossoms and dripped petals so that even the earth beneath was covered with a carpet of mauve and cream. It was beyond beautiful. I have chided myself ever since for not having taken a picture of it. In the time that we have lived here, I have never (before or since) seen it as gorgeous as it was that year.

During a survey of the yard yesterday, I discovered that my old-fashioned Iris have buds on them, as well my Coral Bells and Bleeding Heart. I'm trying very hard not to let myself believe that warm weather is here to stay, but it is very difficult. Each year I am lolled into a sense of false security, thinking cold weather has been banished for good, only to be rudely awakened by a cold snap and a scurry to cover the flowers in a hope to save them. Still, I am enjoying the wonderfu weather. Hope you are, too!


Sue Bridges said...

Don't you just love magnolia blosson, its nice that we have had some sun and everything is waking up as it were. Hope you are keeping well, thanks for dropping by,can't wait to get creative in the kitchen. By chance I got talking to someone over the weekend and it looks as though she will be interested in me doing some cakes and things for her as she has her own sandwich shope come cafe, hope it works out.

Nanci said...

Oh, Sue, what a wonderful opportunity that will be for you; especially now that you have your brand new kitchen almost completed.

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