Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Foto Friday Challenge - True Blue

Welcome once again to Foto Friday

hosted by Rebecca at Renaissance. This week's challenge was BLUE.

I must say that I especially enjoyed this week's challenge. Last Friday evening my daughter surprised me by bringing home this beautiful hydrangea plant. She knew that I had for a long time wanted to plant one in the yard .

As soon as she gave it to me, I knew it would be the "headliner" for my contribution to this week's Foto Friday.

I never realized how much I must like blue until I began to gather some objects for my photo shoot. As I began gathering, I realized that these were some of my very favorite decorations around our house. Since our Magnolia tree is now in bloom, I added a few of the blossoms to some of the shots. I like the contrast they create and the way that they "break up" all that blue.

I took a gazillion pictures. Rather than bore ya'll to death by listing them separately, I stole an idea from someone else, who a week or so ago presented a collage. (I apologize to whoever did this first, but your idea was just too good to pass up.) I wanted to achieve two very different feels to the two collages. I wanted the first collage at the top of the page to feel serene and to have a simple elegance about it. I wanted the one below to have a more down-home country feel. I had a lot of fun playing with and combining the photos until I thought they had the "feeling" that I was trying to convey.

This last shot was from my photo archives. It was taken in January of 2009. I included it because I love the shade of the blue sky and the play of the lights.

We're all just amateurs who are trying to improve our photo skills, and we would love for you to add your pics to ours.

Click on the Foto Friday Challenge button below, and join us for a great time.


Rebecca said...

great job on ALL the photos~loved the collages. YOur hydrangea is STUNNING. I am hoping that the ones I got last year will do well this year again.

Autumn said...

The hydrangea is beautiful!

Jemit said...

Beautiful hydrangea.. and beautiful collages..

Dana said...

I love the collage!! Great shots.

Tracy said...

I like your top collage, and the bottom shot as well.

Terri said...

I love your collages. All of your photos are wonderful.

Shelbz said...

Love the composition of the 2nd photo and the bokeh!

Full of Grace said...

I loved all your shots, but especially the first collage, and the hydrangeas...they are so beautiful!!!

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