Thursday, September 11, 2008

Of Butterflies and Flowers

Early in the spring, the area in front of my house began to burst into color. First it was the daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and forsynthias dressed in red and yellow and purple. They were a promise of the warm days and scented air that would soon be arriving. They always shake me out of my winter doldrums and give me hope.
Sunny days and summer showers came and lilies, daisies, lilies of the valley, lavender, irises, salvia, and phlox perfumed the air. I love the beauty of summer. June and July brought frequent showers that kept everything looking fresh and green. Come August, drier weather set in, and I was not so faithful as I should have been in watering. Now here we are in September, and I am sadly watching my lovlies fade.

So before I forget the freshness of it all. I have decided to post a few pictures that I can look back on and dream of lovely summer days. This Butterfly Bush was my prize acquisition from the Perennial Exchange held each year by the ladies in my church. When I brought it home, it looked like a dried-out stick that was about six inches tall. I wasn't even sure it would survive, and I certainly did not expect it to bloom this year. But bloom it did! And it has grown, too! It now stands about three feet tall. In the late summer, I watched Monarchs and other butterflies flocking to it. What a pleasure!
The bush is a bit spindle-like now, but in a month I plan on cutting it way back in the hopes that it will be fuller next year when it grows back.

I must admit, I am just a little jealous of those of you who live further south where your flowers and bushes bloom year round. Ahh, but then I wouldn't have autumn when the hills around me are brilliant with color and the air is crisp. I guess I can't have everything. I'll just thank God for the beauty of where He has placed me.

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Rebecca said...

Wow! It BLOOMED!!!?!? That is awesome. SO awesome. I just LOVE watching butterflies flit about.

Yesterday I saw a hummingbird-the first one ever out here buzzing about some goldenrod. Maybe they will come back when my coral bells are blooming again? Oh-I HOPE so!

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