Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

There's an old song entitled What a Difference a Day Makes, and that is certainly true in terms of the weather we have been having around here. Late yesterday afternoon I was so glad to have the sun shining after a couple of days of dreary weather that I snapped this picture of the beautiful blue sky -- just a wisp or two of clouds. It was a lovely day -- warm but not humid with a slight breeze blowing. It was the kind of day that causes you to long to be outside.

However, last night was as they say, "a whole 'nother story!" We had a thunderstorm like we have not had for quite some time. Lightning lit the sky like a torch, while thunder boomed like a cannon. Rain pounded the roof; and no one in THIS house slept very soundly last night.

This morning it was darker than usual, and it continued to rain.

Yesterday's sky with barely a cloud to be seen turned into today's sky that was a canopy of clouds.
Both students and teacher were sluggish, a result of the combination of a dreary day and lost sleep.

Yet, in all of this we need to give thanks for the rain that we needed so badly. A very dry August has left things a little parched around here. I know that the few flowers I have left blooming are very grateful for a much needed drink.

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