Monday, September 15, 2008

Behind the Wheel

My older daughter got her driver's permit this summer. Everytime we go somewhere, she is more than happy to play chauffeur. Most of the time she must be content to drive on roads that have very little traffic because we are in a rural setting and the nearby town is very small. She has also done a little interstate driving at times when traffic is low. But she has been chomping at the bit to drive in more traffic.

Her big chance came last Wednesday when we went to a larger town nearby at a busier time of day. I thought that she was finally ready for a little challenge. After we came out of the store (where else but CVS), I told her to hop into the driver's seat and drive home.

Will you look at the intent look on her face? Do you remember the first time you drove in traffic...eyes riveted to the road and clinching the steering wheel? I have to admit that she handled it well.
Oh, by the way, she wants to know if anyone needs a chauffeur. ; )


Rebecca said...

Great job Megan! You must be doing really well to be given 'town' driving rights! :-)

PS. Great job too on the article your Mama sent me. I am very proud of you!

Rebecca said...

PS. Nanci~ thanks again SO much for giving me a ring yesterday! It was such a highlight of my day-and I have been able to enjoy its lingering contentment this morning as well.

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